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09-Dec-2017 14:25

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Given the information you shared about 2007 being the earliest date of last payment, your debts may/may not be off of the current debt owner’s radar.

The exception would be if you got sued for collection and ended up with a judgment over one or more of the debts – which would show in the public records section of your credit report for 7 years from the date judgment was entered in the court.

I will have an upcoming article about disputing incorrect information on your credit report, but for now, it is important to consider the following: If your debt is within the SOL (statute of limitations), to legitimately sue you for collection, you should carefully consider whether or not to send a dispute about a collection account on your credit report, even if it is showing incorrect information.

They are legally transferring the rights to the debt to someone else, as laid out in your original contract with them.

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When an additional entry from a collection agency shows up on your credit report it is important to look for some key items: All negative trade lines related to the same collection account should age off of your credit report at the same 7.5 year mark you use to calculate your first missed payment to your original lender.

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