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06-Jul-2017 21:55

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For peace of mind you can use the test domain link shown within your control panel.Why do I have to wait 72 hours for changes to my domain to take effect?SOPs are typically developed for repetitive procedures known to have associated hazards, such as injury, property loss, or loss of productivity.The SOP outlines written steps that can be followed to safely execute the procedure.

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Why have a website at all if it’s not yet ready to be seen, you may have asked.Unfortunately it is not possible to clear the cache on these servers, although you may be able to see the changes to your site by using another connection.There are a number on third party proxy servers, that are available online, such as https:// has a free trial.These cached copies will only be stored in your computer for a short time, so the changes to your website will usually be viewable after a few hours.

There are three places that can save cached information, your web browser, your computer or with your ISP.You can quickly set up a perfectly good page using one of these “coming soon” templates.