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20 The Fact got an exclusive interview from a woman D who says she was threatened to be outed by Jisoo when they were dating. - From the recordings: November, 2014 Woollim requested the police to investigate the rumors, Jisooluv gets investigated.February, 2015 Jisooluv, D, and other victims of Jisoo all gather together, including Woollim staff.

You don’t believe in love so you learn to deal with it.

Fresh from a break-up, he manages to stumble upon a down-to-earth Kim Jisoo who's been raising her 6 year-old sister-often mistaken by everyone as her daughter.

With her help, Jinyoung directs himself in the unfamiliar waters of the reality of life and dating-developing a special bond with a ball of sunshine in between.

should i make a group chat of us with lisa and rosé? I've told them already, if they want to know the truth they just simply have to listen to my offer."As I told you before, if you want to know why I did it, you have to know how we met first." the man gives me a face of disgust and looks back to his partner, after a couple of minutes of staring the partner nods at me and I smirk.

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jungkook: wtf NOtaehyung: do it.jimin: that is gonna be so fucking awkward for i'm blackpink and bts trash so this happened.(no plot lmao and i changed all their ages so they are younger in college) "Mr. The images of the blood on the floor and her face as the blood was drained out of her come rushing back to me and I scold at my self for it."It all started when I received her file...... [Idk what to call it] on instagram @/nxnami ) Park Jinyoung is a college student working part-time as a Kindergarten teacher.September 12, 2015 Tweet Please take the translations with full credit 20 On a community site, someone posted that she had a homosexual relationship with Lovelyz Jisoo and that Jisoo sexually harassed her.

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