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20-Jun-2017 09:52

Look for Ted Raimi in a small role as well as Ben Stein.All of the biker chicks look like models, so you just know it's a spoof.With Zach Galligan, William Katt, John Rhys-Davies..- BA(88) Australian.Bizarre comedy/ drama about the end of the world with the survivors partying in a bomb shelter.He finds the corpse of King Kong and takes home a monkey (presumably Kong's orphaned son? If this isn't the weirdest Apocalyptic flick ever, I don't know what is !

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- Apocalyptic fantasy about a lonely guy living somewhere in a future New York slum during a virus wave that caused the death of thousands of people. Gerard Depardieu, Marcello Mastroianni, James Coco, Gail Lawrence - LBX - BA (72) Wow!

This being a reasonable response to the end of all things as we know them if you ask me!

(83) Not really apocalyptic, but the outfits and battle gear, monster-metal cruisers and attitude is a direct Mad Max - Style that cannot be ignored.

So, that being said, this is a "lost" film, because there is no record of this even existing that we can find!

The title does not appear in the beginning, instead the title "Sesso Delirio" appears, as this is dubbed into Italian with no subtitles.

Look for a bit from Mel Gibson as a bearded mechanic!

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