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$ 40.00 ARMY BLUE The Uniform of Uncle Sam's Regulars 1848 - 1873 John P. There are so many excellent French cheeses; it's estimated that France produces approximately 200 different types of cheeses!This book has become one of the "must haves" as it contains many buttons not covered in Albert's, and also lists every known backmark for each button.It includes buttons all the way back to the American Revolution, and a section covering the complete period of Confederate manufacture, so as a Civil War button reference, this is great! Plates, buckles, buttons, corps badges, bottles, canteens, spurs, stirrups, ID tags, weapons..... The dust cover only has a few tears and small holes, and the book is in excellent condition! Plates, buckles, buttons, corps badges, bottles, canteens, spurs, stirrups, ID tags, weapons..... For years this was the go-to reference for every relic hunter. and southern state facilities, 55 of which produced bullets and cartridges during the war. In addition, the names of thousands of brave men, women and children who labored as cartridge makers for "the Cause" are honored within.Used but in very good condition without dust cover. But included in these 1248 pages are over 1300 photos and illustrations, including 593 bullet and cartridge specimens, 88 cartridge package labels and crates, 176 arsenal buildings and city views, 94 maps showing arsenal locations, 90 bullet molds, 48 original documents, 31 portraits of ordnance personnel, 88 miscellaneous images of cannon, machinery, percussion caps, rifles and carbines, coins, patents, artillery projectiles and 118 southern bank notes from the cities and towns that hosted C. All 3 Volumes $ 150.00112 8-1/2" x 11" pages with over 280 crisp color photos of artifacts of early Amercan every-day life that were useful for surveying land, building log homes, farming the land, traveling, blacksmithing, cabinetmaking and more, more more!From light paper ephemera such as land surveys and playing cards to heavy garden stones and Conestoga wagon components, they are pictured and explained.Nicely arranged with sections covering the uniform accouterment of the British, American and French forces of the American Revolution. This new book does just that for over 4,000 rifles and carbines. Goes hand in glove with his CIVIL WAR CAVALRY & ARTILLERY SABERS volume. 174 pages of photos and descriptions of nearly 200 styles of American swords, from Colonial and Rev.

INSIGNIA OF INDEPENDENCE, Military Buttons, Accouterment Plates & Gorgets of the American Revolution Don Troiani and James L. 297 pages 8-1/2" X 11" full of pictures and descriptions of buttons, buckles, gorgets & more!275 pages with drawings that show more detail than photos would, and great descriptive text. .00 CIVIL WAR SHARPS CARBINES & RIFLES by Earl J. This one's for every one regardless of your area of interest.