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05-Dec-2017 02:09

It is truly shocking and disgusting, especially since I can guarantee you that many of the "teens" are old men and women. That is ridiculous, especially when Chat Avenue allows girls to advertise porno cam sites. If you are thinking about going on #1 Chat Avenue, be aware that it is run by Teenage Moderators, and most of them are worse than the Chatters.

Karen, I suggest you contact the US Attorney General and FBI Internet Crime Division. They have dillusions of God Hood because they are Moderators, and can Ban and Boot you at a whim.

I received five abusive emails from Chat Avenue's "Chat Master" (originating from a user of Rogers Cable Inc in Canada).

He threatened me and made libellous accusations against my family, apparently because my teenage son had annoyed him in a chat room. Trojan Now I was pretty angry, so I went to Symantec and discovered these trojans were serious privacy invaders (key stroke loggers and giving chat-avenue the ability to access my computer, for example).

This means nobody is permitted complain about viruses installed by the moderators/site/banners. Chat Avenue promotes itself as a "kid safe" site and even has its support of COPPA ( "the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule" on its privacy page. They bombard users on every page with pornography and half the chat rooms are pornographic in nature.

- my IP was blocked, so I cannot communicate with the owners to complain about the abuse or trojans. Even their image ALT tags promote the word "adult", which is generic on the internet for "pornography".

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The last time I was there, I saw a man on cam who had to be atleast in his 50's talking to a girl that had /f/13 in her name and asking her to private chat with him.It would appear to me that none of the moderators are capable of making everyday common sense decisions in their own lives, and thus are not qualified to moderate anything. The owners have no idea how much trouble that could face.