Dating a tomboy

11-Nov-2017 10:42

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) with a bunch of flowers stuck between a set of dentures (Oops! OK, so flowers are what the are into but not all tomboys are into flowers (certainly not us at Tomboy Tarts), unless we’re scouting the great outdoors, botany style, in search of that rare specimen of flora. No – to a real tomboy-spirited woman, we prefer something that surprises us. It could simply be a road trip, a new gym bag, a pair of dumb bells, a pair of sneaks, organic snacks, a new piece of tech or a binge night on the couch watching all two seasons of Daredevil. Never mind the pitfalls, bumps and bruises she takes along the way because to her, those experiences are scars she wears proudly in the name of wisdom and experience. Bring this woman on a hiking, camping or fishing trip, on a weekend climb to the Kilimanjaro, go-karting, skateboarding or even planking on urban streets.If adventure isn’t your thing, then keep it simple with road trip, a wine tasting session or a comic con at a town near you. We can be brutal with our honesty but we hate the dramatics that come with it, so we are of the opinion that if we can dish it out, we are mentally prepared to take the brunt of our strong opinions. It could feel like you’re wearing an old familiar pair of ripped jeans or doing prize-winning equestrian gymnastics on your Arabian thoroughbred.I’ll take the former to spare that lovely Arabian horse from pain.Whichever way you swing sexually, if you’ve got your head slumped in frustration, don’t worry.Tomboy Tarts is here to the rescue with some spiffy advise we hope you can use.our attitude and our fashion sense is gender fluid, so you will not find us in a flower dress and Lady Gaga heels anytime soon because to our practical (and safety-oriented minds), those are reserved purely for circus acts. It could either be programmed or just conditioned personal preferences. However, when it comes to giving you a few tips on how to date us, that – we can definitely help with! Every girl who has the tomboy spirit etched deep within her soul knows that nothing will kill her fire more than taking the conventional route.

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If she is OK with your suggestions, then follow it up with an open offer of help.

PS: At no time should you make her feel vulnerable or retarded when offering help, you hear?