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This is basically to state that no man is an island, but from that ground he begins to draw out what the existential ramifications of this everyday communality are, and in so doing he introduces the concept of ‘levelling down’.This is the term he gives to the social process by which complexity, difficulty and depth are planed down to produce a flattened field of averageness in which the populous interacts.It became a place to exchange personal thoughts, feelings and emotions using the full range of audiovisual media tools, which in turn gave birth to behaviours and existential modes as essential to the construction of the modern self as those offered in the material world.As a result existence (that is the daily navigation of socio-cultural and institutional frameworks that make up the world), for net-natives and converted luddites alike, was no longer a question of being-in-the-world; it was also a question of being-online.Using‘being’as a hyphenated prefix will, for those familiar with existential phenomenology, invoke the convoluted spirit of German philosopher Martin Heidegger’s . His overall notion of being as an existential activity that is essentially social – and the phenomena he identified that arise from being-with others – informs the usage of the term being-online and offers a way of examining what the characteristics of that condition are.In chapter four of Heidegger states that the human subject – the self – can only become what it is through contact with others, hence the impossibility of being alone in the world and the fundamental communality of existence.

Over a million surfers clicked to view and became the most watched video in a country with the largest population in the world.Morgan Quaintance on the phenomenon of virtual lives In July 2010 a 19-year-old girl from Malvern in Worcestershire became an overnight You Tube sensation.