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I advocate single-sex education for young women, and for young men if they feel it's needed. Men and women didn't need to be in each other's faces all day. He sat next to me in my Psychology of Deviance class. I told the class that while female criminals did exist, males still made up the bulk of those incarcerated. And that woman in Texas who killed her offspring and got off with an insanity plea. She said that sometimes, women did get away with crimes far easier than their male counterparts did.

We were having a grand old time discussing male aggression and female victimization in society and how the media affects the outcome of criminal trials and Mitchell constantly had his hand up. With a smirk on his face, he told the class that he thought the whole discussion was gender-biased. He also mentioned the incidence of female teachers having sexual relations with their pupils.

An abusive husband is paid back in a violent assault for the wrongs he has done.

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I'm quite curvy, even voluptuous, and damn proud of it. I gave Mitchell an icy glare, then continued with the tour. I lived in Madeline Hall, the last all-female dorm on campus. The other eight dorms buildings, from my beloved Stetson Hall to the Baxter Esplanade had all gone coed. Apparently, he liked the way I thought, and thought he could enlighten me about a few things. Nevertheless, I was intrigued so I let him walk me to the library. Mitchell owned a bright red BMW which he claimed had been given to him by his mother Beatrice as a graduation present.

A Haitian-American Amazon who stands five feet eleven inches tall when barefoot. He crossed his arms and stared pointedly at me, saying this was gender-based discrimination. Some of the young women nodded, while a few rolled their eyes.

Yeah, even back then he had a habit of getting under my skin. Here and there, young men were moving their stuff into the dorms as their doting moms and dads looked on. We sat at a table, and for the next hour, we were arguing nonstop. As we drove to the Humanities building, Mitchell told me about his family. Six feet two inches tall and two hundred and forty pounds of hard-bodied black man. He's come through for Southeastern Massachusetts University's football team time and again as they played against their fiercest rivals on the gridiron. The new ones just went about their business, sometimes openly flirting with the young men while the young women who were at the school before it became guy-land kept staring at them. Yeah, this was promising to be a terrific school year. As I talked to Mitchell, I began to get a different picture of him. We really got into it, to the point that I almost ended up being late to my Criminology class. It was apparently a sore subject with him so I didn't press. He swore that if anything happened to her, he'd deck somebody. Hopefully, his mother was okay and it was nothing serious. Ditching rugby practice to accompany some guy I barely knew to the hospital to check up on his mother. It was easy for me to see which gals were new to the campus, and which ones weren't. Seeing the look on my face, Mitchell smiled and held his hands up. He was wrong about a lot of things, of course, but I admired his passion. We both thought more black men and black women should go to college instead of winding up in prison or becoming parents before they're financially and mentally ready for it. When I asked about his father, Mitchell told me he was a cop, and wouldn't go on. I'd already gone to an all-white and all-female private school. I needed diversity where I lived, thank you very much.

I chose SMC over Wellesley College because lots of black and Hispanic women who chose single-sex education went there. I'm on an academic scholarship at Southeastern Massachusetts University. I told him that the school didn't feel a Men's Center was necessary at the moment, but in future time one might be added if students felt the need for it.

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