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) plays a key role in the progression of human illnesses, such as autoimmune and auto-inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases, diabetes, and cancer, etc.

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The above unique finding has become a new method to tackle the aggregation-caused quenching (ACQ) of conventional chromophores and has shown significant academic value and promising applications in cell imaging.

(d) Fluorescence responses of TPE-TLE (5 μM) at 550 nm in the presence of various relevant analytes.

The concentrations of the representative analytes are: amino acids, 1 m M; GSH, 2 m M; cations and anions, 3 m M; reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, 0.2 m M. D.)., TPE-TLE was treated with a wide variety of cations, anions, and oxidants, and then fluorescence spectra were further measured. 6c and d, the probe TPE-TLE exhibited a significant red-shift of the fluorescence emission spectra in the presence of H, the intensity of the emission peak at 450 nm gradually decreased with the simultaneous appearance of a new blue-shifted emission band centered at 560 nm.

The reaction product TPE-TLE-O was confirmed using = 380 nm.

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(c) Fluorescence spectra of TPE-TLE (5 μM) in the presence of various relevant analytes.

To prove the above assumption, we investigated optical properties of TPE-TLE-O in the distinct polar environments. 5, photographs and fluorescence characteristics of TPE-TLE-O in water/DMF mixtures indicated that the compound TPE-TLE-O was an AIE material distinguishing from TPE-TLE.(a) Photographs of TPE-TLE-O in water/DMF mixtures taken under nature light and UV illumination; (b) Fluorescence spectra of TPE-TLE-O in water/DMF mixture; (c) Plots of maximum emission intensity of TPE-TLE-O in water/DMF mixtures with different f were introduced, the fluorescence spectra of probe TPE-TLE exhibited significant changes.

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